If you are considering a car model suitable for family use with fuel economy, spacious, absolute performance without compromise, safety, good quality and value, Honda CR-V 2020 may be the answer to your quest. It also came with 1.5L turbo. These are all prime reasons to consider, while not ignoring Honda glittering reputation for reliability. Standard accident avoidance technology with inbuilt heated wheel and wireless smartphone charging system are part of the package. Also featured in Honda CR-V 2020 is the black grille and tinted taillights
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Peeping NASCAR

A glimpse of what racing as regards to NASCAR's current and future will be best interpreted with this picture. NASCAR as far as I am concerned has over time in recent competitions has proved to be a team to be recognized with winnings. Despite the challenges common to racing competition, I can confidently raise a tumb up for team NASCAR.
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Vintage cars

A line up of vintage cars at the just concluded SEMA show in LasVegas US. Come to think of it. Is Honda Vintage cars the only cars on display in SEMA? How come Honda is the most echoed weeks after the show? I guess Honda cars with their glistering corner makes the show colorful with their full display of sophisticated models.
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Porsche 917

A look at Porsche 917 at show revealed the difference between cars that live forever. Porsche brands are that type of car that don't die even after decade.
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Do you know that it takes an average #cartyresize of 205/65R15 approximately 1.95m to complete one revolution. If it does, how many revolutions does it take same size of tyre to cover 1km? And how many revolutions per minute will it cover 1km assuming the vehicle is at a speed of 100km/hr. Then, how many revolutions does this tyre covered in it's service life assuming this tyre cover an average of 60km/day in 4years. Go ahead, do the mathematics and you will discovered that #ourtyresaretrying and that they do get tired. #firmgriptyre #tyreday #honouryourtyres #tyreremembranceday #changeyourtyres
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